Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center’s VISTA Jennifer Annen Improves Volunteer Training

Jen AnnenJennifer Annen, Volunteer Training VISTA serving at Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource (W2W) in Denton, Texas, has launched the first stage of revamping the training program for the volunteers at W2W’s Twice as Nice Resale. Knowing that the monthly trainings were well-intentioned and full of useful information, but could not reach an optimal amount of volunteers, Jennifer set out to devise a plan to magnify their impact. Jennifer sat down with Twice as Nice’s weekly, permanent volunteers to gain feedback on their satisfaction with their current duties and if they feel appreciated for their hard work within the ministry. They discussed at length what method of training they thought could be most useful and what times match best with their schedules. After over 20 hours of conversation, Jennifer took this crucial information and teamed up with staff to begin planning a quarterly training which could reach more people and pack a more powerful punch with relaying vital information to their volunteers. Jennifer hopes that the trainings’ cohesiveness will encourage Twice as Nice’s volunteers to feel empowered, appreciated, and the desire to take greater ownership. The value of their contributions amounted to 1,724 hours served in just the last month but provided 80 class presentations through W2W’s Living Choices education program and allowed the Pregnancy Resource Center to hold 76 client visits. Without the volunteers’ efforts, it would be impossible to reach so many individuals within the Denton county community!


VISTA Sarah Crain Makes Logistical Miracles Happen

Sarah Book Policy
VISTA Sarah Crain works with a Woman to Woman volunteer at the Twice as Nice Resale Store

At Twice as Nice Resale, VISTA Sarah Crain has developed a few standard operating procedures that cause logistical miracles to happen. Recently she created a Pricing Guide to educate personal on how to appropriately price donated items. This Guide includes all items that may come through the warehouse. Sarah has also authored department specific documents that lay out a SOP foundation. A SOP foundation is important to ensure policy is being followed and unity of personal is achieved. Most of all it helps create a logistical flow that obtains maximum processing efficiency of donated goods. Logistics is a unique field that can be applied to warehouse sorting or it can be used to help execute a formal banquet event!