NewDay Service’s VISTA Sees Results from Outreach Efforts

VISTA Meghan serves with NewDay Services Fatherhood: EFFECT program in Denton, TX. They have successfully settled into their new facilities. Meghan was thrilled to have a stable launch pad from which to coordinate her outreach efforts and made sure to take advantage of it this month. She used the new opportunities presented by the excitement of new […]

NewDay Services Community Outreach VISTA Continues to Increase Awareness and Develop Partnerships

NewDay Services’ Fatherhood EFFECT program strives to prevent child abuse and ease the burdens of poverty for children and families. Community Outreach VISTA, Meghan Kajihara continues to increase awareness and develop partnerships to help the agency achieve their goals. In March, she secured the Fatherhood: EFFECT program a place at the Mobile Food Pantry’s Resource […]

Meghan Kajihara Witnesses the Outcomes of her Work at NewDay Services

Meghan Kajihara serves as the Community Outreach VISTA for NewDay Services in Denton TX. In July, Meghan established new relationships with 9 local businesses with the hope to establish the Fatherhood EFFECT program with business owners as a resources for employees as well as a place where they can seek service referrals. By working with […]

Meghan Kajihara Builds Relationships with Local School Districts to Strengthen Families

Meghan Kajihara is a Community Outreach VISTA serving with NewDay Services for Children and Families in Denton, TX primarily through the Fatherhood EFFECT program. Fatherhood- Educating Fathers for Empowering Children Tomorrow (Fatherhood EFFECT) seeks to reduce child abuse and neglect by engaging fathers and father figures in preventative services.  Meghan has built solid relationships with school […]

Meghan Kajihara Develops Sustainable Solutions for NewDay Services

In May, NewDay Services’ VISTA Meghan Kajihara saw in full force the value of sustainability in her activities with the Fatherhood EFFECT program. The archival system she devised for NewDay Services’ Fort Worth office has already proved useful and is being used to help collect information for fleshing out a full history of the organization. […]

VISTA Meghan Kajihara Uses Data to Improve Programs Offered at NewDay Services

NewDay Services for Children and Families’ Community Outreach VISTA, Meghan Kajihara, continues her work on the agency’s organizational archive and has made meaningful progress. She is nearly done transcribing the testimonies of fathers who have participated in the FOCUS and EFFECT programs. Having these materials transcribed and organized will help NewDay perform qualitative analyses of […]

Meghan Kajihara’s Work Recognized at the Texas Fatherhood Summit

This month, Meghan spent quite a bit of time cleaning up her organization’s contact lists, adding new contacts, and training to use her organization’s Customer Relations Management (CRM) software. The effort is already paying off. Keeping track of outreaches has been simplified through access to the software and Meghan has found that it is much […]

“Dadjectives” Hot Topic for Fatherhood EFFECT Program

For Meghan, this month has been a month of progress manifesting in small but no less meaningful ways. Her word cloud diagrams, built from feedback provided by program participants, have proved to be compelling ways of visually demonstrating the emotional growth experienced by fathers in the Fatherhood EFFECT program. One of these word clouds is […]

VISTA Proves Indirect Service Yields Direct Results

The efforts that VISTA Meghan Kajihara began in late 2016 for New Day Service’s Fatherhood EFFECT Program have begun to bear fruit. The Fatherhood EFFECT Program’s goal is to intervene with at risk families and provide education and concrete services to fathers, redirecting their lives to avoid any potential intervention agency contact and guide them […]

New Day Services’ VISTA Develops New Activity for Fatherhood EFFECT Program

School district and office closures during the holiday season made this month a great time for Meghan to continue her outreach work with NewDay Services by turning inward. She continued making overtures to potential community partners, but spent more time this month focusing on the dads her program already serves. It was important for her […]