Night of Hope Fundraiser Successful Due to VISTA Daisy Martinez

IMG_1138On April 6th, Giving Hope, Inc., a nonprofit agency serving homeless and near homeless individuals and families in Denton, TX, hosted their Annual Night of Hope event which was a big success. All the hard work of Board members, staff and AmeriCorps VISTA member Daisy Martinez over the past couple of months finally paid off. At a Night of Hope, Daisy checked-in and welcomed all the guests who arrived for the night alongside board member, Janet Sheton. Once everyone had a chance to look over the silent auction items, the attendees sat down for a dinner catered by Cartwright’s Ranch House. Daisy helped present multiple members of the community, and partner agencies with “Heart of Hope” Awards in order to recognize their support and dedication to helping the agency grow. Following the dinner, there was a cake auction where each cake sold for around $150-$300! All in all, everyone had a good time and nearly $50,000 was raised overall for a Night of Hope. Funds raised will be used to assist individuals and families remain housed.


Giving Hope’s Fundraiser Off to a Good Start to Assist the Homeless

IMG_1138In the month of March, Giving Hope, Inc. is seeing the hard work of Resource Development VISTA Daisy Martinez pay off. The Annual Night of Hope event has not even taken place yet, and the agency has raised a total of $42,750 in sponsorships, $1,125 in Ticket Sales, $675 in cash donations, $495 in Raffle Ticket Sales, and $540 in item donations for the Silent Auction. In total Giving Hope has raised $45,585 for A Night of Hope, and still have the opportunity to raise even more the evening of April 6th. Daisy is working very closely with Giving Hope Board President, Margaret Dawson and the other Board Members to bring in as much money as possible to help more potentially homeless, or homeless people within the community. Daisy also had the opportunity to manage 2 volunteers who went into the community to solicit donations for the silent auction. Daisy and the volunteers collected a variety of items from floral arrangements, to wine tasting classes, to gift cards to local restaurants. The goal for this year’s event was $40,000 which is double the amount of last year’s fundraiser has been exceeded. Stay tuned to hear the final total of the 2017 Night of Hope fundraiser.

VISTA Daisy Martinez Busy with “A Night of Hope”

IMG_1138For the month of February, AmeriCorps VISTA Daisy Martinez has been focused on the Night of Hope fundraiser happening April 6th. Every year, Giving Hope, Inc. hosts A Night of Hope in order to raise money to assist the homeless and potentially homeless in Denton County. The event consists of a Dinner event, Cake Auction, and a Silent Auction. Last year, the agency raised a little over $20,000. This year they have doubled their goal to $40,000 and are putting in all their effort to reach it. So far the agency has been able to raise $27,250. Daisy has created master spreadsheets to track Sponsorship Sales, Ticket Sales, and Donations made to the Night of Hope Event. This way she is able to update the Board Members and Staff on their progress. In order to bring in more donations for the silent auction, Daisy recruited three volunteers from the University of North Texas who are eager to help a local non-profit. Combined, they will volunteer a total of 55 hours in the weeks to come. Along with all the work she is putting into Night of Hope, Daisy has completed two grant applications totaling $17,950. The grants are requesting funding for a variety of things such as a partial salary for their Street Outreach Specialist, and summer activities for the children of the parents involved in two of our programs.

VISTA Kicks Fundraising Efforts Into High Gear for Giving Hope

daisy-martinez-5Everyone at Giving Hope, Inc. has started off the year with their best foot forward. After setting up a staff retreat, every person at the agency was able to evaluate what worked, what didn’t work, and created individualized plans for the 2017 year. Our goal as a whole is to become more efficient in helping our community. AmeriCorps VISTA member Daisy Martinez has held true to her goals of bringing in more funds, and funding opportunities for the agency by getting a head start on the planning of the 5th Annual Night of Hope fundraiser which is scheduled for April 6th, 2017. She was able to create a sponsorship form for board members and staff to use to bring in large sponsors for the event. She also created four different spreadsheets for board members and staff to easily track their sales for: sponsorships, tickets to the event, raffle tickets, and donations to the event from those who are not able to attend. Along with that, she has already had the tickets for the event printed and ready to sell, and has put in an order for the programs that will be used for the event as well. In addition, Daisy wrote and submitted two separate grant requests to the City of Denton. One of the grants was for $35,000 for the funding of their Transitional Housing program, and the second one was for $18,000 for the HMIS system that they (and other nonprofit agencies) use to track the homeless clients they serve.  As for finding funding opportunities, Daisy spent a whole day at the University of North Texas Grant Library researching grants that her agency would be able to apply for. She was able to compile and organize a list of thirteen different grants that programs of the agency can benefit from when they apply.

VISTA Member Uses Marketing Skills to Promote a Successful Fundraiser for Giving Hope, Inc.

IMG_1138Giving Hope, Inc., a transitional housing agency located in Denton, TX, kicks off the holiday season with the Annual Poinsettia Sale. Resource Development VISTA, Daisy Martinez, used her excellent marketing skills to help the Hope Staff and Board members sell 1,100 poinsettia plants, which netted the agency $11,701. The monies raised support agency programs including the Wheeler House, a short-term transitional home for single mothers, Rapid Rehousing, Permanent Supportive Housing, Transitional Housing, and Street Outreach. In addition to poinsettia fundraiser, Giving Hope provided gifts for their Little Clients through generous donations from local companies, Sally Beauty Holdings, Classic Dodge, CoServ, and individual donors. CoServ sponsors Christmas at the Wheeler House. These donations allow financially strapped families to focus on getting back on their feet, instead of spending large amounts of money on gifts and provides a sense of normalcy to their Little Clients.

VISTA Members Grant Writing Pays Off and Helps the Homeless in Denton County

IMG_1138AmeriCorps VISTA Daisy Martinez has served with Giving Hope, Inc. for half a year, and they have really seen a difference within the agency since she started. In the month of November, Giving Hope was awarded two grants submitted by Daisy to help serve the agency’s homeless clients. CoServ, the local electric cooperative awarded Giving Hope $17,500 for the Rental Assistance Program. The Denton Benefit League awarded $3,418 for the agency to purchase street outreach supplies for homeless individuals. Seeing a need for socks for disbursement by the Street Outreach Team Daisy secured a donation of 240 pairs of socks from Bombas worth $2,880. Daisy is now working on the agency’s Poinsettia Fundraiser. Stay tuned to learn how successful the fundraiser is!

VISTA Daisy Martinez Makes Significant Strides in Resource Development for Giving Hope, Inc.

daisy-martinez-5Resource Development VISTA Daisy Martinez has been making significant improvements for Giving Hope, Inc. For the month of October, she managed 26 University of North Texas students taking part in Make a Difference Day. The 26 volunteers served a total of 97 hours at Giving Hope to help pack over 40 “Comfort Kits” for our street outreach program, fold over 100 Giving Hope brochures, 60 Point in time brochures, 40 Poinsettia Sale letters, cleaned bathrooms, took out trash, vacuumed and swept the floors, and cut out job openings to post on our job board. Daisy helped write and submit the Heart of Dallas grant application as well as the United Way Grant application for $100,000. Daisy has also done a great job with helping run and advertise the Annual Poinsettia Sale. She created a postcard and flyer to spread the word, and ordered postcards to be mailed to Hope’s donor database.  She created order forms for churches and businesses, as well as an order sheet for board members and staff to keep track of their sales. Daisy took lead as a representative of Giving Hope at the 2nd Annual Veterans Stand Down event where she passed out “comfort kits” to the homeless individuals who attended the event. The kits included a scarf, gloves, beanie, 2 pairs of socks, Chap Stick, lotion, shampoo, face towel, sewing kit, deodorant, a hair comb, toothpaste, toothbrush and a razor.

VISTA Daisy Martinez Raises Funds and Awareness at Giving Hope, Inc.

daisy-ntx-giving-dayThe mission of Giving Hope, Inc. is to help homeless families achieve self-sufficiency. In order to continue the mission, it is most important for the agency to bring in resources and donations. Resource Development VISTA, Daisy Martinez, helps Giving Hope, Inc. allocate resources in the community to continue providing free services to their clients. Daisy did an excellent job advertising, organizing, and planning the North Texas Giving Day fundraiser that Giving Hope participated in this year. She designed post cards, flyers, created posts for their social media outlets, sent out challenge fund letters, attended bi-weekly meetings, secured donated costumes to bring attention to their donation table, and represented Giving Hope the day of the event. In the end, Giving Hope raised $6,881.. Daisy has also helped organize events on the behalf of Giving Hope in order to raise awareness of their agency. She helped organize the 2nd Annual Veterans Strategy Summit along with the Denton County Veterans Coalition. She was able to secure catering for 50 individuals, and created a signup sheet in order to send out a follow up survey.

VISTA Member Daisy Martinez Creates Funding Opportunities for Giving Hope, Inc.

daisy-martinez-5Daisy Martinez, Resource Development VISTA at Giving Hope, Inc., a transitional housing agency, kept busy in the month of August with grant writing and fundraisers. She submitted the CoServ Charitable Foundation Grant requesting $17,500 for Emergency Rental Assistance Funds, the Walmart/Sam’s Foundation Grant asking for $2,400 to pay one month’s rent for 8 different homeless families, and the TEGNA Foundation Grant, requesting $5,000 to fund after school activities, summer camps, and tutoring for the children who are living in transitional housing units at Wheeler House as funds are note available for these types of enrichment opportunities. Daisy also had the opportunity to write an official Non-Discriminatory Policy for Giving Hope, Inc. which was required for one of the grant applications. In addition to grant writing, Daisy is coordinating the North Texas Giving Day (NTGD) for her agency. NTGD is the largest fundraiser Giving Hope, Inc. participates in each year. She has collaborated with Rose Costumes who has agreed to provide costumes for the staff members present at NTGD to help draw attention and donations from the crowd. Daisy created postcards to send to donors inviting them to donate to Giving Hope, Inc. on September 22nd. She also sent out letters requesting challenge funds from local businesses that have supported Giving Hope in the past. Stay tuned to see how Daisy’s efforts have paid off!

VISTA Member Daisy Martinez Keeps Busy Raising Awareness and Money for Giving HOPE

IMG_1138The month of July has been a busy one for AmeriCorps VISTA member Daisy Martinez. To start off the month, Daisy created a 30th Anniversary logo for Giving Hope, Inc. in order to increase awareness of the milestone that the agency has reached. She assisted her coworkers in adding the logo to their e-mail signatures, and created a T-shirt as well. Daisy has sent out at least 33 donation letters to the donors who have contributed to the “Lazy Day” Fundraiser that was led by her in the previous month. She collaborated with a previous client who offered to write thank you cards to all donors who contributed to Lazy Day. To keep count of the money being raised from Lazy Day, Daisy created a goal tracker board that all staff members can see in the office. Daisy has also had the opportunity to write the Co-Serv Charitable Foundation Grant that is due at the beginning of August. One of the projects that was assigned to Daisy was the North Texas Giving Day event. In order to prepare for it she has already chosen the theme, set up a schedule for the social media posts related to the event, and updated their donation page information. In between planning and collaborating, another task that Daisy has had a chance to complete in the month of July was creating a flyer for the Veterans Summit being held this year.