About VISTA North Texas Project

AmeriCorps VISTA is a volunteer service program, administered nationally by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), through which national service members serve with organizations full-time for one year. VISTA projects are designed to build permanent capacity and infrastructure to help more effectively bring individuals and communities out of poverty. Within AmeriCorps VISTA, there are five anti-poverty focus areas: Education, Veterans and Military Families, Economic Opportunity, Healthy Futures, and Disaster Services. Goals for VISTA members may include establishing systems, institutionalizing knowledge, and developing community relationships to better generate resources, encourage volunteer service at the local level, and empower individuals and communities to address urgent social needs. AmeriCorps VISTA operates under the following core principles:

Anti-Poverty Focus

The purpose of AmeriCorps VISTA is to support efforts to fight poverty. OneStar VISTA Project aims to help individuals and communities out of poverty, not simply make poverty more tolerable through short-term services.

Community Empowerment

VISTA North Texas Project engages your community in planning, developing and implementing the project. The project is responsive and relevant to the needs of your community, and taps into inherent community assets, strengths, and resources.

Sustainable Solutions

VISTA members provide short-term human resources to build long-term sustainability of anti-poverty programs. VISTA North Texas Project is developed with the goal of phasing out the need for VISTA members by strengthening your organization’s resiliency and self-sufficiency.

Capacity Building

VISTA members do not provide direct services to individuals; rather, they work to increase the capacity of organizations to fight poverty. Through activities such as community outreach, establishment of volunteer recruitment & management systems, fundraising, and collaboration development, VISTA members mobilize local resources to build solutions to poverty

Why Partner with VISTA North Texas?

VISTA North Texas Project is a quick and low-cost way to leverage the human capital your program needs to jump start new initiatives while reducing the complexities and overhead costs of launching and implementing a new VISTA project on your own. VISTA North Texas makes it easy for organizations to access national service resources by providing greater flexibility and ongoing support. You can rely on our experience and knowledge in grants management, which reduces your administrative burden and allows you to focus on the important work of alleviating poverty in the local community.


VISTA North Texas Project enables organizations to access VISTA resources with fewer restrictions. Applicants may request as few as one member per year (whereas applying directly to CNCS requires a minimum request of 5 members per year).

Knowledge & Experience

VISTA North Texas is only VISTA Project to be secured by another National Service Program, Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). Your organizations benefits from VISTA North Texas’s successful track record of administering federal and state grant sub-awards to nonprofits and local governments since 1973.


VISTA North Texas’s Program Director will work closely with VISTA project placement sites and site supervisors to ensure that grant reporting deadlines and requirements are met and that grant deliverables are achieved or adjusted as needed.

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