Applying to a VISTA Position

1. Search Listings

Go to and search for AmeriCorps VISTA opportunities that are right for you.

Search AmeriCorps VISTA Listings

2. Create a Profile

Create a profile on

Once you have completed the profile, you will receive an email from AmeriCorps. Follow the instructions in the message to validate your profile and you’re on your way!

3. Apply

Once you’ve found the AmeriCorps VISTA opportunity right for you, submit an application to the appropriate listing.

4. Interview

If you are selected for an opportunity, you’ll be contacted for an interview. 

5. Begin Service

If chosen for an opportunity, you will attend training and then begin your year of service.

Use the links from the Full Time Service Listings & Summer Associate Opportunities pages to redirect to the AmeriCorps Portal.


3 Ways to Serve

1) As a year-long member
2) As a VISTA Leader (available after one year of service)
3) As a 10-week Summer Associate

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