How to Apply

Step 1: Create your profile

This is where you will enter basic information about yourself and create a profile on

Basic Information:

  • Contact information, including valid phone number and valid email address.
  • Social Security number and date/location of birth.
  • Your mailing and permanent addresses, including the Zip+4 postal code. Look yours up here.
  • Your education level, military/veteran status, language skills, and interest & skill areas.
  • Any interests, skills, experience, or additional information that may be helpful in evaluating your application

Once you have completed the profile, you will receive an email from AmeriCorps. Follow the instructions in the message to validate your profile and you’re on your way!

Get started by creating a profile here.

Step 2: Complete your application

To create an application, login to your My AmeriCorps profile and click Applications on the left-hand side. You’ll need the following to complete this step:

A motivational statement (up to 3000 characters). The motivational statement presents your reasons for applying to an AmeriCorps position. You may want to write your motivational statement in a word processing document first, and then paste it in the application.

Details of your skills & experience, community service (organization, city, state, phone, dates of involvement, and a description of your involvement), education, and employment history for the past 10 years (or last four positions you’ve held), including phone and email contact information for previous supervisors.

Criminal history statement (complete history). A list of every conviction you have ever received is required. It is to your advantage to be completely honest. Don’t feel that this will automatically disqualify you.

Demographic information

At least two references, including email addresses and physical address with Zip+4. Note: Anyone you list as a reference will receive a reference request email from AmeriCorps.

Step 3: Track your application status

Submitted – You have completed the application and clicked Apply Now on the listing.

Under Review – Your application is being reviewed by the project. When in this status, the project may contact you and request additional information or request an interview with you.

Selected – The project is offering you the position. If you want to accept the offer, log-in to your My AmeriCorps profile and accept the position

Pending State Office Approval – You have accepted the position and a VISTA Program Officer is making a final review.

Approved – The final review has been completed and you have been approved for service. Congratulations!

Assigned –You’re on your way to starting service. The next step is beginning VMO (Virtual Member Orientation)

Use the links from the Full Time Service Listings & Summer Associate Opportunities pages to redirect to the AmeriCorps Portal.

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