VISTA Steven Tillman Composes the Job Readiness Training Standard Operating Procedures Manual, Preparing Presentation for Partnership Outreach

StevenAmeriCorps VISTA member Steven Tillman recently completed development of the Christian Community Action (CCA) Job Readiness Training Program Standard Operating Procedures Manual, which is to be a cornerstone for the Job Readiness Training Program’s continued development and maintenance for years to come. With the completion of four successful pilot-trials of the Job Readiness Training classes reaching 70 individuals with information on employment and education resources, training 15 individuals and the completion of the S.0.P. Manual, Steven is putting the finishing touches on a presentation for partnership solicitation of other social service nonprofits. Organizations within Denton County, including Goodwill Industries, The Salvation Army, and Texas Workforce Solutions have expressed interest in incorporating the program into their client assistance efforts due to the manner in which the program addresses employment matters with clients. Steven is seeking volunteers to complete training as Job Readiness Trainers. These Volunteer Job Readiness Trainers will train clientele seeking gainful employment within CCA and within other partnering sites. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Denton County is currently estimated at slightly above 806,000 people, with 3.4 percent of those individuals estimated to be unemployed and 8 percent estimate to be living in poverty; those factors are calculated at approximately 27,000 people and 64,000 people, respectively. The Job Readiness Training program, with regard to this group of the population, is anchored upon teaching people methods, belief systems, best practices, and techniques for maximizing one’s employment/earning potential and then strategically navigating an action plan of elevated employment, training, and/or education until one’s desired outcomes are achieved. Such outcomes range from a person obtaining a GED diploma through information provided about such resources, to a person securing employment which pays a functional wage suited for independent living, to a person earning a promotion at work, to a person identifying a career field which best suits his/her education and training, to a person earning an advanced degree through a well-executed plan of organization and achievement while simultaneously employed.


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