Meghan Kajihara’s Work Recognized at the Texas Fatherhood Summit

MeghanThis month, Meghan spent quite a bit of time cleaning up her organization’s contact lists, adding new contacts, and training to use her organization’s Customer Relations Management (CRM) software. The effort is already paying off. Keeping track of outreaches has been simplified through access to the software and Meghan has found that it is much easier to keep NewDay’s work in the minds of community partners. As a result of the streamlined outreach with the CRM software, old contacts have reconnected and even sent referrals to the agency. NewDay has reawakened its engagement with Denton ISD and Child Protective Services and Denton County case workers are more engaged than ever. Late in the month, Meghan was gratified to see that some of her older work, the “Dadjectives” project, continues to pay dividends. The design, constructed from the compiled responses of EFFECT program participants, made for an eye-catching display at the Texas Fatherhood Summit in Austin. Program officers from Prevention and Early Intervention were reportedly impressed by the emotional growth demonstrated by EFFECT participants and Meghan is proud that her work was a part of that effort.


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