VISTA Jennifer Weatherford Begins Service in Sherman

Jennifer Weatherford PreferredJennifer Weatherford is a VISTA serving at the Texoma Council of Government’s (TCOG) Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) as an affordable housing advocate. TCOG and the ADRC’s core mission is all about building better leaders in the community, bringing in additional resources to the region, and improving the quality of life for Texomans. During her first month with the agency, Jennifer has worked to help coordinate available resources across Texoma and the 12 counties in North Texas that the ADRC serves to support local veterans, disabled individuals, and low-income families in the communities. As part of her service she traveled to east Texas, nearly three hours from her service site, to sit with the Texarkana Homeless coalition and East Texas Veteran’s Resource Center and discuss the steps needed to reach a functional zero in veteran homelessness in the east Texas community. It would be the first time in months that a representative from TCOG could attend a function in Texarkana, and the possibilities for future partnerships looks optimistic.

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