VISTA Casey McCollum Ends Service with a New Vehicle

February was the last month of service for VISTA Casey McCollum, and he focused his efforts on ending one of his larger projects. Through a grant awarded in the previous month, Casey focused on procuring a work van for his agency Denton Affordable Housing (DAH). Through research, he found a great deal on a used van in Ft. Worth. It is a 2011 model vehicle with 95,000 miles, in really good shape. The grant was awarded for $18,000, but the VISTA was able to talk the seller down to $14,000 which will allow DAH to use the remaining funds for signage on the van and an insurance policy. The remaining amount will be sent back to CoServ. This van will be a great asset to DAH by saving money paid out to contractors for mileage to their personal vehicles.

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