VISTA Kicks Fundraising Efforts Into High Gear for Giving Hope

daisy-martinez-5Everyone at Giving Hope, Inc. has started off the year with their best foot forward. After setting up a staff retreat, every person at the agency was able to evaluate what worked, what didn’t work, and created individualized plans for the 2017 year. Our goal as a whole is to become more efficient in helping our community. AmeriCorps VISTA member Daisy Martinez has held true to her goals of bringing in more funds, and funding opportunities for the agency by getting a head start on the planning of the 5th Annual Night of Hope fundraiser which is scheduled for April 6th, 2017. She was able to create a sponsorship form for board members and staff to use to bring in large sponsors for the event. She also created four different spreadsheets for board members and staff to easily track their sales for: sponsorships, tickets to the event, raffle tickets, and donations to the event from those who are not able to attend. Along with that, she has already had the tickets for the event printed and ready to sell, and has put in an order for the programs that will be used for the event as well. In addition, Daisy wrote and submitted two separate grant requests to the City of Denton. One of the grants was for $35,000 for the funding of their Transitional Housing program, and the second one was for $18,000 for the HMIS system that they (and other nonprofit agencies) use to track the homeless clients they serve.  As for finding funding opportunities, Daisy spent a whole day at the University of North Texas Grant Library researching grants that her agency would be able to apply for. She was able to compile and organize a list of thirteen different grants that programs of the agency can benefit from when they apply.


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