VISTA Proves Indirect Service Yields Direct Results

img_1257The efforts that VISTA Meghan Kajihara began in late 2016 for New Day Service’s Fatherhood EFFECT Program have begun to bear fruit. The Fatherhood EFFECT Program’s goal is to intervene with at risk families and provide education and concrete services to fathers, redirecting their lives to avoid any potential intervention agency contact and guide them away from the Child Welfare and Criminal Justice Systems and reduce child abuse.  A class activity Meghan developed has gone over particularly well. The activity asked fathers to reflect on their goals as parents for the New Year and to set resolutions that they could work towards with their children. One father from the program took these goals to heart and recorded a video of himself repeating them. He watched the video every day to remind himself of what he was working towards. A few weeks later, he contacted Fatherhood EFFECT’s mentor-navigators to let them know that he had patched things up with out-of-state family members. His estranged adult children are now back in his life and he is proud and excited to be rebuilding a relationship with them. It was heartening and encouraging for Meghan to see how indirect service can still yield direct benefits to people experiencing a time of need.


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