VISTA Implements New Pricing Guides Storewide at Twice as Nice Resale

Sarah Crain 4Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center’s Twice as Nice Resale store started the New Year with brand new pricing guides. These guides have frequently donated items listed that can help volunteer and staff price items. They also help establish a standardization of prices to ensure customers are getting the best deal possible. After months of research into resale pricing, VISTA Sarah Crain was able to finally finish these pricing guides. These guides will be used daily and will be around after Sarah is done with her VISTA term. Sarah has also set up a procedure for volunteers to offer suggestions for the pricing guide. This procedure is to ensure nothing is missed and so that Sarah can draw on various strengths from the volunteers that serve at her service site. These guides also provided a foundation for VISTA Hannah McNeil to create brand new store signage. Proceeds from Twice As Nice Resale store fund free medical care, education and resources to low-income women and families in Denton, TX.


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