New Day Services’ VISTA Develops New Activity for Fatherhood EFFECT Program

img_1257School district and office closures during the holiday season made this month a great time for Meghan to continue her outreach work with NewDay Services by turning inward. She continued making overtures to potential community partners, but spent more time this month focusing on the dads her program already serves. It was important for her to contemplate how they can serve these fathers better, in terms of both their ability to provide service referrals and their support of their emotional journey. This month, she did research on the emotional benefits of journaling for men and she is working with her supervisor to see if this is could be a meaningful activity to the fathers NewDay is serving. Meghan also had the idea to incorporate the fathers’ aspirations for the upcoming new year in a group discussion or journal activity. The idea was so popular that it was incorporated into the class and shared with the Fatherhood EFFECT program’s Tarrant County counterpart.


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