VISTA Member Sean Enfield Begins Development of a Formal Volunteer Program

img_1265Volunteer Enablement VISTA Sean Enfield with Plano Children’s Theatre is experiencing first-hand the expanse of his 25 year old organization which has grown to support 5 active performance spaces in 5 different North Texas cities. So far, his primary accomplishments have been to initiate himself into a group and a volunteer network that already has a very distinct culture. He has spent a great deal of time tracking down old playbills and paperwork so that he can develop the organization’s volunteer database. With this, he hopes to organize the theatre’s volunteer system, but there is still much to learn and track down in this regard. He has had personal and online communication with a number of volunteers already and suspects that, as his role is more and more engrained into the organization’s community, this will likely increase exponentially. This month, he has trained two parents on the agency’s ticketing system and has coordinated 4 set builds.


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