VISTA Member Builds Capacity by Training a Volunteer to Assist with Grant Management

911-day-of-serviceIn the month of November, Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center was thankful for many things, including its volunteers. Ayelia Ali, Grants VISTA spent the month learning about the details of grant writing and managing a volunteer under her. Rachel came to Woman to Woman on a weekly basis because of her interest in grant writing as a career. Ayelia and Rachel attended workshops at the local library, learning about topics such as proposal writing, GIS and data visualization. Ayelia’s task was to oversee Rachel and equip Rachel with the skills needed to successfully carry out the grants process even after Ayelia’s service ends at Woman to Woman. Ayelia considers this a key task for herself to train volunteers and other staff because it is sustainable and a method to build capacity at Woman to Woman. Ayelia has laid the foundation for future staff and volunteers to secure funding through a grant writing manual that contains templates and useful resources. Ayelia has trained Rachel through workshops they attended together and with one-on-one interactions. Rachel gained hands-on experience by writing and editing several documents required by foundations, such as the Statement of Purpose and Explanation of Funds Usage. In the month of November alone, Rachel has volunteered 28 hours of her time to help with the grants process! Both Woman to Woman and Ayelia are thankful for the continued support of volunteers in the community.


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