VISTA Leader Develops and Conducts On-Site Orientation and Training with New Members

IMG_1144November 1st marked the start of a brand new VISTA year for 4 new VISTAs to the North Texas Project. VISTAs Melanie Kuriger, Sean Enfield, Steven Tillman, and Meghan Kajihara went through their VISTA North Texas on-site orientation and training (OSOT) with VISTA Leader Chanell Rose on November 1st. Chanell facilitated training for the four new VISTAs on proper reporting, terms and conditions of service, and the pre-service orientation blend (PSO Blend) course they are all enrolled in. As PSO Blend is relatively new, VISTA Leader Chanell was tasked with updating and presenting the VISTA North Texas OSOT in a way that complements the extended Blend course work. Making that adjustment to the OSOT for incoming VISTAs ensures that the North Texas project is sufficiently preparing new VISTAs for Blend without leaving them asking too many questions without answers.  This also allows the VISTA North Texas project to use this training in the future for incoming PSO Blend VISTAs.


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