VISTAs Help make Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center’s Fundraiser a


Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center celebrated 30 years of serving the Denton community with their Annual Fundraising Banquet. To help prepare for the banquet, VISTA member Ayelia Ali prepared folders containing instructions for table hosts, a survey for the overall experience of the banquet, and donation envelopes for those sitting at the table. The donation envelopes contained different payment options for donors, such as an automatic donation per month or a one-time donation. VISTA member Hannah McNeill planned social media content posted before, during, and after the event. She was given the task of creating decorations for the banquet, setting up the event, and registering guests as they arrived.  VISTA member Sarah Crain was able to lend her logistical skills for the annual banquet. She was tasked with ensuring enough seats were at each table and setting up decorations. With 500 people in attendance, Woman to Woman was able to raise $121,264.74 in donations. The donations from the banquet will go toward the overall operating budget at the ministry — helping with medical services at the clinic to running the sexual risk avoidance program Living Choices.

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