VISTA Leader Chanell Rose Expands the VISTA North Texas Project

IMG_1144Recruitment is nonstop for the VISTA North Texas Project, both of VISTAs and project sites. In October, VISTA Leader Chanell Rose and Project Director Christina Penland met with representatives from North Central Texas College (NCTC) to discuss the possibility of a new VISTA project. As one of the first recruitment sites Chanell established as the VISTA Leader, NCTC continues to be a great resource to the North Texas project. Associate Dean Roxanne Del Rio thanked Chanell for connecting NCTC with AmeriCorps VISTA, and iterated that without Chanell’s outreach, NCTC would not have considered starting a VISTA project at their Corinth campus. Through her efforts, the North Texas project was able to expand their program in the Denton County area, and explore possible connections in counties where other NCTC campuses are located. The work of a VISTA is never done, so Chanell is eager to continue growing their connection with NCTC into the future!


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