VISTA Daisy Martinez Raises Funds and Awareness at Giving Hope, Inc.

daisy-ntx-giving-dayThe mission of Giving Hope, Inc. is to help homeless families achieve self-sufficiency. In order to continue the mission, it is most important for the agency to bring in resources and donations. Resource Development VISTA, Daisy Martinez, helps Giving Hope, Inc. allocate resources in the community to continue providing free services to their clients. Daisy did an excellent job advertising, organizing, and planning the North Texas Giving Day fundraiser that Giving Hope participated in this year. She designed post cards, flyers, created posts for their social media outlets, sent out challenge fund letters, attended bi-weekly meetings, secured donated costumes to bring attention to their donation table, and represented Giving Hope the day of the event. In the end, Giving Hope raised $6,881.. Daisy has also helped organize events on the behalf of Giving Hope in order to raise awareness of their agency. She helped organize the 2nd Annual Veterans Strategy Summit along with the Denton County Veterans Coalition. She was able to secure catering for 50 individuals, and created a signup sheet in order to send out a follow up survey.


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