VISTA Adam Jones Learns New Skills to Improve Woman to Woman’s Volunteer Program

Adam JonesSeptember was a time of growth for VISTA Adam Jones at Woman to Woman PRC. This month Adam participated in clinic training, living choices training and attended a staff Retreat in Name Only (RINO). Through these event he gained an understanding of the different content that is expected of the volunteers who are in the Clinic as an Advocate or a as Living Choices Presenter. By attending these events Adam will be able to create better training seminars by using both interactive and lecture based techniques. In addition, Adam alongside a fellow VISTA helped manage a group of 30 volunteers who contributed about 60 hours of service. This included sorting through 20 bags of donated clothes and working on improving the appearance of the store for customers. Adam also contributed to the Woman to Woman-Twice as Nice Resale, by training two volunteers on the cash register process. The big growth challenge this month for Adam was the creation of a new document; how do IACT with Policy. This document was created with the hopes to invest a sense of ownership and community within staff and volunteers. For us to get real change done, we must seek to understand, then to be understood.


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