VISTA Sarah Crain Uses Logistics to Manage Large Groups of Volunteers

Sarah Crain 4Woman to Woman is now prepared for any size group the Denton Community can offer! Having a logistics plan for groups is key to ensuring their time is used appropriately and that important tasks can be completed efficiently. Being a logistics VISTA, Sarah was asked manage two very large groups that wanted to volunteer for Woman to Woman by serving in Twice as Nice Resale. The first group consisted of 15 students from the Texas Academy of Math and Science that volunteered two hours each. This group sorted over 15 bags of clothing and worked on the Twice as Nice sales floor making it aesthetically pleasing to customers. The second group consisted of 18 students from Texas Woman’s University that volunteered for two hours each. With the help from VISTA Adam Jones this group managed to put three racks of clothing on the sales floor, sort 15 bags of clothing, tag and mark three racks of designer label clothing and sort three baskets of housewares items! Sarah made sure that each group knew their work is of huge help to Woman to Woman and encouraged them to come back to volunteer. This encouragement even helped some group members ask for information on volunteering on a regular basis. Sarah’s logistics mind plans these group projects in hopes that individual will want to come back to be a Woman to Woman volunteer!


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