VISTA Member Sarah Crain Uses Past Experience to Develop Safety Policies

Sarah Crain 4Safety policy doesn’t create itself by accident at Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center.  For this reason, VISTA member Sarah Crain was tasked with creating safety policy for all potential hazards that face the Twice as Nice Resale store that helps fund Woman to Woman. By taking existing safety policy from Twice as Nice, Sarah updated 3 policies and created 12 new safety policies. By using her FEMA Corps experience she created a new Bomb Threat Procedure, Natural Disaster Procedures, Evacuation Procedure and a new Injury/Accident Form. Sarah was also able to attend an informational DOVIA luncheon surrounding Risk Management for Non-Profits.  In order to disseminate safety policy to volunteers, Sarah implemented daily safety briefs that include new topics every week. Safety of volunteers is key to keeping an organization running efficiently while a huge group of volunteers provides for a productive day. With this in mind, Sarah managed a group of 30 productive young adults for 2 hours with help from fellow VISTA Adam Jones. This group did a tremendous amount of work that helped the organization greatly. July was a great month for safety and logistics!


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