VISTA Member Rebecca Dake Increases Awareness Through Communication and Marketing

Rebecca Dake-preferred photo 1There is awareness, and then there is actionable awareness. Community Outreach VISTA Rebecca Dake strives for the latter when developing communication and marketing materials for the emergency basic needs nonprofit Interfaith Ministries (IFM) of Denton. As a VISTA she is tasked with increasing awareness of IFM Denton, and she wants to see signs that action has accompanied awareness. In July, Rebecca created an email requesting donations for the Apple Tree Project, a back-to-school assistance program. The Denton Kiwanis Club quickly contacted IFM and announced a $500 donation to the program. They mentioned they had seen the appeal in the email. This type of cause and effect is a clear example of the importance of community outreach, marketing and social media activity for nonprofits who rely on donations. Through press release writing and media follow-up, Rebecca was also able to secure two pieces in the city’s newspaper, the Denton Record Chronicle, in July. A source she provided was quoted in one of the stories. While being less clear what impact inclusion in the newspaper can offer in terms of action, it is clear IFM’s message was able to reach a wider audience than those touched through their social media circles.


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