VISTA Member Marissa Castilleja Ends Her Service with a Volunteer Appreciation Event

Marissa Castilleja VISTA 50th TestimonialWoman To Woman Pregnancy Resource Center is an organization that contributes to the Denton community in significant ways by providing free resources. Woman To Woman could not do what they do, at the level they do it, without their volunteers. Volunteers are the life-blood of this organization and on Saturday, July 30, staff and almost 130 volunteers and their families gathered together at Rancho De La Roca to celebrate this. In one of her final contributions as the Volunteer Recruitment & Development VISTA, Marissa Castilleja helped the staff at Woman To Woman show their gratefulness for their faithful volunteers. Marissa worked on a team with fellow AmeriCorps VISTAs to plan the program, develop the theme, and help with set and break down of the event.  The theme of this year’s volunteer appreciation event was “Woman To Woman’s Got Talent”. Marissa worked closely with a local videographer, who contributed 24 hours of service, to produce a video that showed just that. The event was a giant success and the volunteers expressed an immense amount of gratitude for the hard work of the staff. It was quite fitting for this to be the final event for Marissa as she was able to play an essential role in showing appreciation to the volunteers that she spent the past year recruiting and investing in.


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