VISTA Member Daisy Martinez Keeps Busy Raising Awareness and Money for Giving HOPE

IMG_1138The month of July has been a busy one for AmeriCorps VISTA member Daisy Martinez. To start off the month, Daisy created a 30th Anniversary logo for Giving Hope, Inc. in order to increase awareness of the milestone that the agency has reached. She assisted her coworkers in adding the logo to their e-mail signatures, and created a T-shirt as well. Daisy has sent out at least 33 donation letters to the donors who have contributed to the “Lazy Day” Fundraiser that was led by her in the previous month. She collaborated with a previous client who offered to write thank you cards to all donors who contributed to Lazy Day. To keep count of the money being raised from Lazy Day, Daisy created a goal tracker board that all staff members can see in the office. Daisy has also had the opportunity to write the Co-Serv Charitable Foundation Grant that is due at the beginning of August. One of the projects that was assigned to Daisy was the North Texas Giving Day event. In order to prepare for it she has already chosen the theme, set up a schedule for the social media posts related to the event, and updated their donation page information. In between planning and collaborating, another task that Daisy has had a chance to complete in the month of July was creating a flyer for the Veterans Summit being held this year.


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