VISTA Kendra Reams Keeps PediPlace Connected with the Community

Kendra Reams VISTA 50th TestimonialJune was a crazy month at PediPlace, a non-profit children’s health clinic in Lewisville. From celebrating the twenty year anniversary of the Director of Clinical Operations with PediPlace, to making the final steps to moving and preparing for a clinic remodel, to being celebrated as the Community Spotlight for CoServ, AmeriCorps VISTA, Kendra Reams ensured that these internal and community wide updates were visible and shared with the community. Social media presence allows for accessible interaction with the community, patients and their families, and donors. While attending a special presentation of PediPlace at a Rough Riders baseball game, a board member and donor mentioned that they appreciated being able to stay connected with the on goings of PediPlace via the updated Facebook page. It is a testament that the work of a VISTA is reaching the community and raising awareness of PediPlace’s great work.


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