VISTA Rebecca Dake Enhances Interfaith Ministries Online Presence

Rebecca Dake

Rebecca Dake is the Community Outreach VISTA at Interfaith Ministries of Denton

Community Outreach VISTA Rebecca Dake just completed her first full month at Interfaith Ministries (IFM) of Denton, an emergency financial assistance non-profit. At this small non-profit with just four full-time, dedicated and hard-working staff members, things like social media interaction, intensive marketing development and graphic design take a back seat due to time and budget constraints. Rebecca has been able to increase the visual appeal, frequency and reach of IFM’s Facebook and Twitter posts. Since she began, the IFM Twitter account gained 11 followers and the IFM Facebook page gained 15 likes. She also redesigned IFM’s email newsletter format with visual appeal and readability in mind which resulted in more recipients opening the email. Rebecca interviewed staff, volunteers and clients to produce graphics, stories and videos for IFM to better tell its story to the public. Rebecca passionately believes that making the public more aware and interested in IFM leads to increased donations, program participation and volunteer recruitment. And all of those components help IFM help more people struggling financially in Denton.


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