VISTA Member Improves Communication between Volunteers and Staff

Marissa Castilleja VISTA 50th TestimonialWoman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center is a non-profit agency in Denton, TX that is dedicated to empowering individuals and families to make wise life choices financially, relationally, and sexually through the provision of resources and education. A significant source of financial support for Woman to Woman is Twice As Nice, a fully donation-driven and majority volunteer-ran resale store.

After interviewing volunteers and staff, VISTA member Marissa Castilleja designed a Volunteer Checklist that will be used to manage and direct new and current volunteers at Twice As Nice. The checklist will communicate to any volunteer, new and experienced, what tasks in the resale store need to be completed without drawing the staff away from the tasks they are attending to. Improving communication among volunteers and staff is crucial to the seamless operation of the resale store as approximately 30 volunteers serve each week with a 3 person staff.

Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center is a partner agency of the AmeriCorps VISTA North Texas Project.

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