VISTA Member Impacts the Community through Domestic Violence Awareness

Kimberly Shields VISTA 50th TestimonialDenton County Friends of the Family is a non-profit agency dedicated to providing compassionate and supportive services to those impacted by relationship violence and sexual assault. In October VISTA member Kim Shields was in charge of three awareness events for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The events included The Clothesline Project, an event aimed at spreading awareness of violence against women, the Rock and Stroll awareness concert, and a social media costume contest campaign for the last week of October.

Kim solicited donations, maintained and developed relationships with venue managers, prepared volunteers for the speaker’s bureau to educate the public about domestic violence and coordinated all of the social media marketing and promotions for the events. In total, 450 people attended the 3 events.  Kim garnered $140 in cash donations and $450 in-kind donations for the events.

Denton County Friends of the Family is a partner agency of the AmeriCorps VISTA North Texas Project.


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