VISTA Member Kendra Reams Increases PediPlace’s Social Media Presence

Kendra Reams VISTA 50th TestimonialPediPlace is a non-profit pediatric clinic in Lewisville, TX which provides services to the underinsured and uninsured children of North Texas. The mission of PediPlace is to make healthcare a reality for every kid. An important component of VISTA member Kendra Reams’ service is to expand and engage the supporter base through social media. Kendra has increased engagement among community partners and patients through the creation of short, easily digestible videos and images such as her YouTube video for North Texas Giving Day which can be viewed here. In Kendra’s first month of service, she has increased activity on Facebook from 1 average weekly page visit and 0 people engaged to 106 weekly page visits and 344 people engaged. Through social media interaction, Kendra has cultivated a closer relationship between PediPlace and the community which has increased investments from established supporters, as well as, new supporters.

PediPlace is a partner agency of the Chisholm Trail RSVP, Inc. AmeriCorps VISTA North Texas project.


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